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The "Me and My Big Mouth Voice-over Workshop" consists of six "two hour" sessions that take place in a "real" recording studio environment. The sessions include voice-overs for Radio and Television commercials, Narration for documentaries, Corporate film & video, and the Internet. As well as Character voices for animated film and commercials.

We cover a lot of territory during these six week sessions. You will learn the skills and techniques of voice-over as well as the little tricks of the trade that separate the amateurs from the pros. We conduct a simulated voice-over audition, we discuss how to make a professional demo tape, AND how to go about marketing yourself to talent agents, advertising agencies, casting agents, and production companies.

The workshop is designed to help you determine the categories of voice-over in which you have the most potential, AND how competitive you are with the voice talent already out there.

If you are interested in finding out more information and details about the workshop and when they are scheduled to occur, please contact the "Me and My Big Mouth Voice-over Workshop" by email:

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